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Custom Education Applications

Building your Organizations Custom Application

Our experts and specialists are tagged with years of experience and they can devise any custom application needed for educational institutes. Whether the application is needed for management, coordination or training purposes; We are always open for limitless discussions with our clients or potential clients. Albeit not required, we recommend and encourage our clients to be involved in the process so that we can provide them with solutions that are framed exactly with reference to their requirements. All the custom web applications and software we provide include the best user interface for easy, friendly and sustainable usage. See how EdFlex can connect your organization today.


EdFlex provides consultation services through top professionals who not only render you with different innovative and applicable ideas, but also provide training related to different applications and programs. We use the best and the most reliable practices in every solution or product that we create or recommend. Our consulting services don't just stop there. We help set-up learning environments, recommend tools to gain more student attention and work with instructors to improve the classroom setting. The difference at EdFlex is that we have created large scale applications, which gives us knowledge on how to implement many solutions.

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EdFlex provides a vast range of applications which can be used by schools and other institutions. They can use such applications for managing their content, material and members. Applications can also be used to create courses, manage lessons and generate reports; All things that are essential to any institute. These are some of the things that your custom application from EdFlex can do. At EdFlex we are passionate about education, technology and growth. We continue to learn about growing educational trends and practises and make sure we are the first to implement them for our clients. Make sure you check out CMFlex while you're here.

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Course Development

Edflex has excelled as a premier course development and deployment partner. We make sure the courses we develop are relevant, current and sustainable. Use us to develop or update your current courses and your instructors & students will be happier.

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Lab Manuals

A complete step-by-step process allows students to fully understand topics. EdFlex not only knows what goes into a good a lab manual, but also recognizes the importance of lab manuals. Lab manuals empower student education.

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Our Services

Look deeper into all of our services and you will definitely find a solution for your institution.