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About Us

EdFlex Quality

At EdFlex your continued success is our goal.

What We Provide

EdFlex provides the highest quality in web application, software and course development for educational institutions. EdFlex focuses on your institutions needs and exceeds all expectations. EdFlex has formulated an experienced and successful team of web designers, software application developers and instructors to address all of the significant concerns and issues that impact the industry. EdFlex provides affordable, quality customized solutions in various forms using the latest techniques and advanced emerging technologies.

Course Development


Our Professional experts find or listen to the needs of your organization, even if you just want to see how we can improve your institute.


We will provide different solutions for your needs and requirements. We go beyond, developing a friendship with your institute and research it in depth to understand it.


We put our discussed plan into action, making sure it exceeds your expectations and needs. We don’t stop there, we continue to provide support and inside for all our products and services.


We use the best practices with the latest techniques and tools for designing. From the web solutions to the courses that we provide, we stress user friendly and include attractive features. Educational institutions in the modern world are now being run with concerns about keeping up with technological advancements. They have to manage large amounts of information and have to distribute that information so that instructors, administrators and students are on the same track. They also need to control the flow of data and keep it organized in order to allow further growth. EdFlex products and services will enable educational institutes to meet these requirements and concerns with the latest the industry has to offer.

Design Methodology

Things We’ve Done

EdFlex, for the purpose of facilitating easy and effective management for educational institutes, has devised many outstanding web applications and software which have earned a lot of recognition. These applications are tested for compatibility and long term sustainability. One of the many management products that EdFlex has devised is CMFlex, which is great management tool through which educational institutes can manage a lot of their administration such as online data management and course management. CMFlex is a truly revolutionary tool which many institutes have been thankful for. It saves time, money and workload throughout the institute replacing many different tools as an all-in-one solution.