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Flexible Course Management System


In order for EdFlex to facilitating easy and effective management for educational institutes, we have devised many outstanding web applications and software which have earned us a lot of recognition.  These applications are tested for compatibility, long term sustainability and are efficient in their operations. One of the many management products that EdFlex has designed, created and implemented is CMFlex. CMFlex is a great management tool through which educational institutes can manage a lot of their course related administration such as material, schedules, instructors, postings and repositories. This application features a large variety of functions and reduces a lot of time and cost for administration. The first of its kind, a centralized course and department management tool.

CMFlex Features

They can run a variety of programs through the use of this center.  
Flexible Management
Different courses under different programs that are devised for teachers to implement in the academic year can also be managed and information can be dispersed to keep track on the progress.  
Uniform Courses
A schooling system with a chain of school can easily disperse the course content among its branches or other school so that they can implement a uniform course and can maintain their standard quality in all their branches. It also allows easy coordination and saves time and money.  
Evaluation Reports
Cmflex allows management to draft, prepare and disperse various reports or evaluation reports on programs, faculty, staff and the programs that are being run.  
Course Standards
Cmflex has allows the management, professionals or trainers at schools to implement uniform delivery standards for the all the courses that are being run under different programs in a center which may have one school or many.  
Track Activities
It also enables management to track the activities of the user that use different programs and keep history of all such activities.  
Course History
They can also maintain a database that contains information on the course history e.g. who taught which course and when, the date of start of a program and the date of completion, course content and deadlines etc.  
Assign Different Roles
It also allows management to assign different roles to their faculty, staff and trainers e.g. Manager, course coordinator, staff, lead instructor etc.  
Course Schedules
It also enables easy and effective management of schedules for course, programs and for the scheduling of duties of trainers. It keeps record of the performance of the staff and trainers in meet their schedule.  

CMflex is one our best management tools which can be easily operated by users and is a stable program with a sustainable life. We also provide training for the best use of this product through our highly skilled experts and directly from the experts who have designed it. It features a one click program pathway which allows easy usage.