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Course Development


Course Development

Course Development

EdFlex constantly looks for growing trends and patterns in technology, education and employment. We use this gained knowledge in order to suggest courses that can greatly increase demand for a technology program by young students. Our courses are thorough and detailed and target the most important aspects of a particular program. Course development requires time for research, understanding of topic and planning teaching style but with EdFlex you can save you organization precious time and money while creating courses that will draw employers and students alike. Most courses currently offered at institutions across Canada are out of date and in desperate need of revamps; the problem is not the course but how fast technology is evolving. How do you know if your courses teach up to date standards and material? Easy, you ask EdFlex. Our course development is as flexible as our other services and can be customized to individual institutions and their partners in education.

Course Development steps



We begin by looking at market niches, course requirements and other programs. We do this in order to make sure we go beyond everyone else to increase interest in your institute.


We brainstorm and list different possibilities for lessons and course materials. Looking at latest technologies for insight and in order to predict growing trends in the course subject.


We look back at the content; analyzing relevance, delivery method, course choice, topic, marketability and standards. This ensures the course will be sustainable and enjoyable for all.


Not only do we release the finalized course to you, we continue to monitor it and its content for relevance and enjoyability. That way we can keep up with advancements in the course topic.