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Education Applications


Flexible Web Education Applications

  education applications

EdFlex provides a wide range of education applications which can be used by educational institutions. They can use such applications for managing their course material, instructors and create teaching guidelines. We have qualified, skilled and experienced application developers who will surprise you with their ability to deliver quality applications to exact specifications. With our customizable applications, such as CMFlex, administration can choose what they want to include in their application. With complete customization and detail oriented designs, you can reduce costs significantly while increasing productivity and collaboration.

Web Application Development

We use the latest techniques in our education applications and provide user friendly interfaces for easy utilization. The management tools and software facilitate easy and wide-range administration procedures. They allow the administration to monitor and control courses and how they are taught easily, creating a more uniform method of teaching from instructor to instructor. With options such as scheduling for present and future semesters, course content creation and storage, in-house resume and position postings for different classes and a simple layout these applications will provide your institute with everything it needs. Also we can extend our applications to handle network regulations and control. Our experts never rely on outdated information and always keep in touch with the latest tools and techniques for devising the best applications or updating our current ones.

Education Application Development steps


Our Consultants will investigate where the flexible application is needed and how it can increase efficiency and productivity, reviewing your specifications if available.


EdFlex designers will come up with the different solutions that can be used in order to receive the end goal. Narrowing down design and functionality to exact needs.


Engineers at EdFlex will have come up with the right idea for your institute. It would be designed Appropriately with the users, institute and clients in mind.


The EdFlex team of programmers will implement the application according to the needs and design while testing rigorously step-by-step. Application is delivered!